Solar Production in 2022

solar power generated in 2022

2022 was the fifth year for our rooftop solar system and at 7,569 kWh was the most productive year yet. That’s likely because we added a 4th string of panels to array #2 in October, raising our charging capacity from 6.4 to 7.4 kW. Definitely made a difference in those last 3 months of the year.

We used 3,126 kWh here and sent the excess 4,443 kWh to the grid, saving us a total of $1,240. Electricity costs rose sharply this fall but our existing contract with our supplier didn’t expire until November, but then it rose about 60%, so our rate of savings will increase this year. We’ve earned back $5,618 or 35% of the original investment.

Best month of production in 2022 was July, at 829 kWh, with May a close second. November produced a surprising 600 kWh, a combination of the additional panels plus a lot of sun.

We should see our biggest year yet in 2023 with the extra 1000 kW of charging power added by the new string.

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